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Welcome To Stroke Support

Posted By : Martyn Weber

Welcome to the new website, We have been working hard and thinking of ways of how to make practical use of our website and facilities.

Below you will find out a little about the group and how we work

Stroke Support-UK is a new Non-profit Stroke Support charity group, we run our meetings through volunteers, Donations, fundraising and local Businesses, meaning we are run by real Stroke Survivor volunteers for Stroke Survivors in the Bexhill-On-Sea / Eastbourne East Sussex catchment areas. Stroke support-uk Eastbourne & Stroke support-uk Bexhill are free to come along and join in meeting groups including tea/coffee and biscuits

• Run by Stroke Survivor Volunteers & our Carers for Stroke Survivors and their Carers-”that’s You & Me and Her/Him”

• Self Funded by Volunteers, Donations and Local Business Sponsors

• A Group that runs its own agenda’s through friendly discussions and general chat in a friendly atmosphere

• The Aim of the group is to pass on the knowledge and experiences learnt (and still learning) from us Survivors that have been There and have the T-Shirt, to show ”there is life after stroke”

• You will only get out of Stroke, what you are prepared to put into it.

• Don’t say Can’t, put that in your pocket and pull out TRY!

The main members of the team are :

Paul Frost - strokesupport-uk Regional Co-Ordinator

Chris Rhoades - strokesupport-uk Local Co-Ordinator

Gylnis Young - strokesupport-uk Eastbourne Team Co-Ordinator

Toni Frost – strokesupport-uk Young Dragons Co-Ordinator


Email: strokesupport-uk[@]live.co.uk

Next Meetings 2015

Location : Stroke Support Bexhill
Thalia House, London Road, Bexhill, TN39 3JT 'Pink Room'
Date : 2nd July 2015
Date : 16th July 2015

Location : Stroke Support Eastbourne
Victoria Drive and Eastbourne Ladies Bowling Club Vivtoria Gardens, BN20 8NH 'Pavilion'
Date : 9th July 2015
Date : 23rd July 2015

SSUK Young Dragons
Location : SSUK House
Viewable Here
Date : 11th July 2015
Date : 8th Aug 2015

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