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Welcome to the new website, We have been working hard and thinking of ways of how to make practical use of our website and facilities.


What’s New: As from October 2013 strokesupport-uk, a totally non-profit independent stroke support organisation, invites stroke survivors to their free to attend stroke support group based in old town Eastbourne, East Sussex, following our successful launch in Bexhill & Hastings,over 18 months ago it was about time we put a smile back on the survivors, carers and family member faces in Eastbourne, A Stroke may be for life, but we help support putting that smile back, life may be different now, but we will help guide you through it. So give it a go, come down and meet us. Remember it’s free, we don’t bite, we are on your side, We even supply the tea/coffee and biscuits. Find us at

Eastbourne strokesupport-uk meeting = Victoria Drive and Eastbourne Ladies Bowling Club (Pavilion) every Thursday Fortnight (Please see meeting dates & times on right hand side of main pages)

Bexhill strokesupport-uk meeting = Thalia House (directions on request) London Road, Bexhill (Pink Room) every Thursday Fortnight (Please see meeting dates & times on right hand side of main pages)

Looks like the Sposored walk on 10th August 2013 will have raised over £1000 pounds towards running the group for another year, A HUGE well done to all those who took up the 'One Step At a Time' challenge, more details in the Quarter three Newsletter in the downloads section

Stroke Support-UK is a new group run by Stroke Survivor volunteers for Stroke Survivors in the Bexhill-On-Sea / East Sussex catchment areas.

October Thursday 14th See's the opening of a New strokesupport-uk Group Meeting Venue in Eastbourne, Please contact Paul in contacts for more details

The Aim of the group is to mainly share experiences and knowledge of being a Stroke Survivor with those of "Us", that have been there got the T-shirt, we can pass onto new Stroke survivors who still have to experience the pitfalls, that await them down the line. As I soon found out, knowledge was a great healer, as the more I learnt the more I understood about my Stroke and could turn this into positive actions / motivations.

One thing I found very difficult was talking to other Stroke Survivors', I did not want them to feel awkward as I felt. So a group where we could talk together in a friendly atmosphere with no pressure, all having something in common would hopefully induce PMA- Positive Mental Attitudes, which at the end of the day, we all need to get through life's dark days.

We are still in the early stages of setting up but are trying to have the first groups up and running by the end of July / beginning of August 2012.

We would be more than happy to have you in the group, from either side of the table. If you would like me to keep you informed of our times and dates in the near future please email your details using the email address above.

In case you are wondering, the email address stroke support this is the local group I am setting up run by Stroke survivors for stroke Survivors to pass on experiences and knowledge to show there is life after stroke. Please find the link to my newspaper article for our local area, StrokeSupport-UK News Paper Artical

Published on Tuesday 12 June 2012 12:00-Bexhill Observe web link above:

UNLESS you’ve had a stroke you’ll never know the impact it has on family, friends and work life.
That’s the claim of survivor Paul Frost, who at age 44 is still recovering from the devastation inflicted by a stroke last year.

Thankful to have made it through, he is coming to terms with re-building his life and wants to help others in the same predicament.

Paul, of Grange Court Drive, is a founder of a pilot scheme for local stroke survivors called “One Goal at a Time” through Stroke Support-UK, which he is running with fellow survivor Chris Rhoades

Paul feels if it had been available when he had his stroke “there might not have been so many dark days”.

He remembers the day in August when he returned home having been away and his daughter soon asked - “why are you talking funny?”

His wife Toni quickly saw that he was having a stroke and an ambulance was immediately called - speed in response to a stroke is considered essential for the victim’s best recovery.

He was treated at the Conquest Hospital and then Bexhill’s Irvine Unit but it was perhaps when he was back home he realised the extent of its impact on all aspects of his life - worry about how to pay the mortgage while not working.

Paul likens it to throwing up a 1,000 piece jigsaw and then not knowing how to pick it up off the floor.

He said: “As a stroke survivor you are left alone to defend for yourself and family, and unless you are given useful advice it wouldn’t take long to go backwards. The group aims to provide somewhere stroke survivors can feel free to talk about their new life without feeling different.

“Most of us find it difficult to talk to each other outside of a group as we believe what’s happened to us has only happened to us, but within the group we can share our experiences and realise we are not alone in what is happening to us.”

One Goal at a Time is for survivors of all ages to pass on knowledge and experiences from one to another, and show how the message ‘‘life after stroke’ has proper meaning.

Paul says they hope to help primarily younger stroke survivors “overcome the sudden loss of life that seems to encase immediately after such devastation has hit.”

He added: “One life ends but another starts, just different.

“The group’s main aim will be to give knowledge and personal experiences to new stroke survivors to enable the puzzle of life to be put back together.

“Returning to work, financial awareness, driving/mobility, confidence, motivation, one goal at a time, all from real people who have been there, got the T-shirt and come out the other side.”
Many thanks or showing Interest
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Paul Frost - StrokeSupport-UK Regional Co-Ordinator
Toni Frost – StrokeSupport-UK Accounts Secretary
Email: strokesupport-uk[@]live.co.uk

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Bexhill strokesupport-uk Next Stroke Meetings 2014:

Thursday 17th July at 15:30 - 16:30ish
Bexhill & Hastings strokesupport-uk Meeting
Thalia House, Bexhill-On-Sea
"Pink Room"
Afternoon Tea 'n' Biscuits
Speaker= None this week (Relax & Free Chat)
Activity= Table Tennis, Darts(optional)
Activity= Carpet Bowls(optional)
Activity= Bingo(optional)

Eastbourne strokesupport-uk Next Stroke Meetings 2014:

Thursday 24th July at 15:30 - 16:30ish
Eastbourne strokesupport-uk Meeting
Victoria Drive & Eastbourne Ladies Bowls Club
"Club House"
Afternoon Tea 'n' Biscuits
Speaker= None this week (Relax & Free Chat)
Activity= Table Tennis, (optional)
Activity= Carpet Bowls(optional)
Activity= Bingo(optional)

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